parramatta > sydney city.

red bike plan to cycle from Parramatta CBD to Sydney Opera House.

google maps blue printed a direct route, many detours were taken. the adjusted google map of our track is above.

detour highlights:

  • newington armoury playground – go at night when all the kids have been tired out.
  • the spiral hill off hill road/john ian wing pd – not as steep as it looks. viewpoint. windy.
  • wharf extension off king street wharf that wraps around to walsh bay. water views with broad pavement. gate closes at 6:30pm.

note that gipps street is very hilly, abundant downhill slopes means eventual ‘hahaha you don’t have gears’ upward crawl.


company: black bike.

estimated road: 24.6ks, real road: 39.1 ks

estimated time: 1h 40 mins, real time: 6 h (lunch @ nth strathfield , a million breaks, exploring newington playground, horrific looks at steep slopes included)

x red bike


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