homemade bike speakers.


to clarify ‘homemade’, some portable speakers were bought from jb hi-fi (memorx, bat AAA, $29) and were strategically fish lined into my wicker basket.

at first ride, i thought – what a catch!

second ride, sound quality decreased.

third ride, angus stone sounds like dubstep.

there must be a quality way to rock music on two wheels – ideas? i have seen some products like this but no reviews.


the speakers can’t handle the vibrations from my riding. at the bike shop they recommended turtle shell wireless boom box sitting at $199, the mount is an extra $40-50 (prices sent me wheelin’).


they are apparently everything-proof, peacock your bike in a variety of colours and built for action.


looks like michelangelo misses out on his colour. how reliable is turtle shell – info on warranty ? anything hare-y ?

red bike recommends this tune for cruising in the summertime.

x red bike


2 thoughts on “homemade bike speakers.

  1. Cool little blog.

    I have an OT turtle shell, but haven’t yet used it on my bike.

    It blasts out music and is a tough little bugger.
    easy to use and easy to recharge.

    try and grab one while summer lasts, you’ll never ride in silence again.

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