parramatta park > bicentennial park


parks on parks on parks.

this has become red bike’s frequent, mostly because it’s flat and follows the river.

worth checking out:

  • there is a little rose garden in parramatta park near the macquarie street street exit
  • enter into wilsons park after silverwater bridge for newington armoury (cycledelic playground).
  • the birdwatch lake is a good ride to the bottom of the park (don’t expect birds). good view point and a couple of old shipwrecks.


company (old bedfellows): intimidating light aluminium bike, turquoise sister retro bike with gears, blue straight bar bike with complimentary dinosaur helmet.

red bike

estimated road: 11.1ks, real road: 22.5 ks

estimated time: 42 mins, real time: 1 h 29 mins (a couple of breaks and the toil of silverwater bridge)

x red bike


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