prestons > western sydney regional park > bonnyrigg > prestons

from west to the east, now from west to the more west.

so, overdosed on confidence that our cruiser bikes can make it on any harsh australian terrain, we took on the newish m7 cycleway, a gift from westlink.

this cycleway is well paved but when you are riding to the hills that is what you should expect. gears, you need them! it was difficult with repetitive surroundings and no refuge from the sun.

trying to create my own shade.

once you enter the regional park and have passed on from sugarloaf ridge (nothing sweet about it, but there is a toilet and tap there) and you get to the intersection that is the beginning of the end, cotswold rd.

the end of the world is not flat.

this side of, what i have named, mountain taygetus, steeps down at 60 degrees. eager for the feeling i’ve cheated the force of gravity, i completely let go.

once i had seen the speed bump it was too late. i flew 5 meters into the air and e.t. did not make it home. i crashed underneath red bike’s heavy frame and it burned and bled.

was it worth it ? i think so, yes. i survived and spartan blood was shed/is still shedding.

we followed the t-way back to casula which made a much easier suburban ride. this track was a little volatile, not recommended for cruisers.


company: dr. black bike

estimated road: 27ks, real road: 30 ks

estimated time: 2 h , real time:  3 h 30 ( inc. downtime at the service station applying dettol to wounds, new mango slurpee is delicious  )

x red bike



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