parramatta> putney punt > rhodes > bicentennial park

after so many people peddling rumours about the tracks around meadow bank and putney, we did it.

standard route out of parramatta but instead of going over silverwater bridge, go under. at first, it seems a little bare compared to newington armoury on the opposite side, but in a refreshing way – low over hangings and brand new mesh bridges connect this costal ride all the way to meadow bank.

many costal outlooks off the tracks

many costal outlooks off the tracks

a nice break spot is putney park. they’ve got a giant spiderweb and slide, both worth a climb just for the views. there is a little water feature for kids, and the park opens up to the river for big kids.

we were disappointed to find the putney punt (mortlake ferry) was on a very indulgent break until 2:45pm so if you’re hopeful to get your bike onto sydney’s last cable ferry then make note of these operating times:

weekdays: 6.45 to 9.25am – 2.45 to 6.15pm.

weekends: every half an hour between 10:45am to 5:15pm from putney.

we backtracked to concord bridge, then followed the rhodes promenade straight down to the opening of bicentennial park. though much of rhodes is still a work in progress, the boardwalk is lovely and with lights all queued in, it makes a beautiful night ride.

rhodes boardwalk & cycleway

if we got our timing right, this would have been the perfect river circuit. recommended.

this ride was soundtracked by my new turtleshell outdoors speaker and claw, a gift from black bike. will review after a couple more rides. for the last month of summer, here are some loved tunes for the upwards crawl, the fly down and all those other times in between.


company: black bike, purple mystique from the 90s, arched grey bike (whose seat suspension broke along with a pedal, the chain fell off and the bell was lost also).

good (looking) company is essential.

good (looking) company is essential

estimated road: 37ks,  real road: 33 ks ( missed the full circuit because no ferry )

estimated time: 2 h 37, real time:  5 h ( inc. lunch and children’s playgrounds )

summer loving and 50 shades browner,

x red bike


3 thoughts on “parramatta> putney punt > rhodes > bicentennial park

    • Thanks Clive !

      I’ll check those out. Recently received an outdoor tech turtleshell as a gift. It was $50 too on sale. I’ll let you know how I go with them.
      I looked at your blog, looks like you’ve had many great adventures. Are you Sydney based ? any tips on good routes for a cruiser?

      x red bike

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