bike speakers, attempt 2

music and the faux-pas art of cruising single gear complete each other.

so after attempt one, failing to make my own homemade bike speakers. i tried attempt two, buying them. instead, they were gifted to me from black bike.

I was super keen to try outdoor tech’s new turtleshell bike speaker. it’s wireless and connects to any iphone/pad/pod via bluetooth.

speaker set

the turtleshell bike speakers were bought online from the urban outfitters sale at $50 inc. shipping. retail price shocks at $250.

it’s aestheticsxual appeal does set it apart from other products. It has it’s own rugged landscape that gives out an impressive sound. however, once lodged on the bike, its size is an awkward fit.

the shell is complete with a subwoofer, you can feel the party vibrations underneath. we did have a short-lived bike disco. good strong bass but there is some distortion at maximum volume.

The turtle claw bought new from ebay sold at $27 inc. shipping. Retail price sits at $50.

what a complete disappointment. the claw broke on second use with no impact; it just fell apart like a cracked egg on the pavement. the stand fell out of the mount and it doesn’t fit back into the hexagonal hole without force that damages the soft plastic.

hardly a claw, more like a receipt brawl.

fell off!

the claw didn’t fit onto the middle mould of my handles. this meant it was to one side and the extra 350 grams is noticeable.

find an alternative way to mount your shell.

fulfils all my sound tracked riding into the sunset dreams? the turtle shell is a fairly new product, the sound quality and versatility is to be admired. The mount is a disaster – quality and practicability-wise.  definitely room for improvement.

money money dollar bill question: worth the $250+50 retail price tag? no.

if you can hunt it down online for cheaper, it’s a worthy investment as fun portable speaker for escapades.

to mourn the premature death of my claw, we had a stiff health drink at three ropes espresso.

x red bike.


9 thoughts on “bike speakers, attempt 2

  1. hi j,

    at my local ski & skate shop, they chased it up for me because they didn’t have any in stock. they would order the product in to sell at $250. The mount they sold at $50.

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