baskets vs. crates, storage debate.

how and where to store your personal goods, groceries and small pets.

the wicker basket

red bike’s wicker basket, wobbling desperately, hangs on to the handlebars for dear life.

the wicker basket is quite similar to when you buy an expensive women’s blazer then you realise that the pockets are fake or like when you buy a single gear cruiser instead of a bike. that velosophy red bike lives by – all looks no function.

after the second month, my basket is looking pretty frayed.

frayed basket

i’ve used the basket on all my rides. at first, it was dead useful but recently, it wobbles so much it bangs my knee as i ride. the extra weight sways side to side making it an unbalanced ride.

i am thinking the best way is to buy a wired basket then but a wicker in there to protect it from the elements and better center of gravity. i’ve seen some baskets secured onto the mudguard of the front wheel. suggestions on what’s better?

new design of a bent basket sitting at $155 for international delivery kickstarter price. they look pretty versatile.

bent basket


the milk crate

boys seem to prefer the milk crate.

it’s more spacious, sturdy and easily attached with a bungee cord. though much more practical then the basket, it’s attached to the back of the bike. i like the front better, easier to grab stuff.

the front bike crate designed for men does exist too.


can’t find a milk crate? you can still DIY, some people in the city have been using old briefcases and fruit crates.

x red bike


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