gear up girl social ride : parramatta foreshores > wentworth common

if you’ve ever fantasied joining some fierce bikies, you’ve found one.

lock away your good-looking son and small children.

the red bike gang

riding in excellent company is key for cruisers, mostly because speed and inclines can’t be.

red bike teamed up with 6 others at gear up girl starting from parramatta foreshores, across silverwater bridge, through newington armoury to wentworth common. a well-worn path.

gear up girl is an event run by bicycle nsw encouraging women’s bike riding. there are 3 different rides – challenge, park and river. we paid $30 dollars for river and your 20kms supports the kid’s cancer project.

we started off in amidst light pro bikes; mountain bikes; bikes with baby carriers, bikes that had a leashed dog running beside them; little kids on tricycles; pink bikes. every piece of the bike pie was represented, even the minority, the cruiser bike.

the volunteers were pretty cute, standing at corners cheering you on as if you were cadel evans snagging the tour de france.

fun in between your legs

at wentworth common they had a festival where after a long hard ride you could get a massage and of course, manicure. there was some live music and we hijacked a trisled, this bullet with pedals in it. I hadn’t seen one before and it wasn’t really my size, you’re mean’t to sit in it but I wasn’t tall enough so I was lying down. it was some out of this world experience like I was in a half rocket half coffin.


red bike was also lucky enough to win some cool prize for the most referrals. in my pack was a knog blinder rear light, party frank knog bike lock and a bunch of lyrca.

lyrca on my cruiser bike, one day I shall cycle in the daylight but, not today.

a horribly big thank you to the red bike girls who made the distance to join me at 9am. you’re all absolutely gun riding with little fuel.

some manicures.

put the fun between your legs was made in sweden and shipped her bike all the way here! black betty chopped bits of her brother’s bike up to fit. ruby sparks is some adventure traveller. santacruz is a hybrid creation with a couch for a bike seat. red blaze rebelled out in her dad’s bike. diamond black bakes her own bread.

you all have a special place in my heart, please don’t brake it.

a shout out to my friend who was a boy and could not ride with us, grease lightening. I stand back in awe of you; you always go above and beyond.


company: put the fun between your legs, black betty, ruby sparks, santacruz, red blaze and diamond black.

river ride course distance: 20 kms.

x red bike


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