manly cove > sydney harbour national park > north head > marine parade

from the south cove to the north shore.

lesson learned from our trip to prospect reservoir, we decided to hire out a couple of hybrid bikes for sydney harbour national park and left the cruisers at home.

the boys at manly bike hire attach a map to your bike with all the different routes:

manly bike network

we took the orange path into the park. it’s recommended not to go up steep darley street, instead crisscross along marshall. it’s still quite hilly though.

the bikes had refreshing gear systems but stiff noisy brakes. being a cruiser rider, the handle bars were low and standing up on them felt awkward. black bike adjusted much more quickly.

you get to the stone archway and there is a big sign that makes you aware you’re entering bandicoot territory. they are endangered. some stats: 5 passed on in 2012, 7 this year and counting. abundant yellow triangle bandicoot signs.

north head is incredible.

north head

the little white masts dancing in all sorts of directions and cruiser-liner leaving sydney cove makes one of the best bike-led views i’ve seen.

there is a walking trail too. we looked through a birdwatcher’s leica telescope (apo-televid 65) and you could see every wave crash, the distant lighthouse and some audacious kayakers in deep water.

north head

climbing rocks and being right on the edge of cliffs gives me a high. if you’re the same, this park/coastal ride won’t disappoint. just make sure you don’t tip off the edge as a couple of by-passers told us had happened.


company: gorgeous black bike.

orange national park bike route: 10.3 ks.

estimated time: 2 hours, real time: 3.5 hours inc. walking trail

bike hire: all day $36.

x red bike


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