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melbourne, sydney, melbourne, sydney, melbourne, sydney saga. pick your side and burn your bridge or you can have both.

we spent autumn break on a different coast line down south. freddy, an attractive ginger man organised some bikes for us. we recommend him, he will freely deliver the bikes to your doorstep, pick them up and even go to zone 2 for you. bikes come with lights and lock. no deposit.

the cruisers were reid. the familiar dutch frame mirror papillionaire but they do not ride the same. the joints are weak and you can feel the jolts even on a smooth surface.

the city, though friendlier than home, is still congested. once you leave the inner grid, liberation.

north melbourne feels suburban and quiet, we lunched at twenty & six expresso, get the hunter. it’s a quick ride from the north to the south, taking kerferd rd to cut on to beaconsfield parade.

the pier at the end of kerferd is popular with fisherman. despite the trout blood stains, it makes a good place to teach your kid how to line fish.

the st kilda path down is smooth and lovely. stop at the bay trail on pier rd for a stroll on the mesh bridge. you’ll see a lot of sassy melbournian dogs.

st kilda beach has been emptied out. a couple of amateur water jetters awkwardly hovering above the waves.

for a costal ride, botany bay and cronulla do win out but this was worthwhile.

the next move for melbourne is to create two types of bike lanes, one for the cruiser, one for the lycra. may we coexist peacefully side by side. that is my dream.


company: black bike.

estimated distance: 23 kms, real distance: 28 km

estimated time: 2 hours, real time: 5 hours inc. lunch and loitering

bike hire: all day $25 (+ $15 for every day after).

x red bike


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