southbank > brunswick > rushall > melbourne zoo > cemetery > southbank

all this gossip about brunswick st, you myth of a cycleway. i don’t think we ever found it.

easter saturday was spend grazing in fitzroy (graze here: hammer & tong), cruising in suburbia and just bumping into things like a zoo and a cemetery.

fitzroy has remained my favourite place in the cycle state. if you’re street art fan you’ll love johnston street right between brunswick and smith st.

off johnston st

cycling down brunswick is a second hand nightmare. once you’re off in the burbs, there is a big cycle lane just for you on the capital city trail, flat and green, just like the way your  organic coffee is.


unplanned route.


company: black bike.

estimated distance: 19 kms, real distance: 21 km

estimated time: 1 h 40 mins, real time: 4 hours inc. brunch and looking at google maps

bike hire: all day $25 (+ $15 for every day after).

x red bike


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