southbank > main yarra river trail

the main yarra river trail is a classic in melbourne town. we waffled our morning away at ponyfish island, then left the southbank skyscrapers.

it’s a 3 terrain adventure as the tracks are meshed into a river, under bridges and by the bank. you’ve got to make a choice about what side, choose the left for on-river track, right for greenery and picket fence path.

the yarra

so you chose the left. the track’s beautiful, some of it is on these mesh bridges built right on the river – what happens when it is high tide though?

you’ll soon find these unexpected bouldering walls for a different sort of incline climb. it’s a fun break if you want to have a go or just watch the well-toned men hold on tight.

bouldering under the bridge

this is my favourite part of the ride, right under a freeway, you’ve got the red carpet spread out for you. time to pull your bmx trix to your exclusive off road public.

it’s liberating cruising underneath a busy road, come shake hands with the underground, trade your soul in for undisturbed high low life cycleways.

red carpet of riding

after several timed attempts in the afternoon and 1 am in the morning, we didn’t complete this track. i’ll be back though, gorgeous yarra river, i’ve got my eyes on you.


company: black bike.

estimated distance: 35 kms, real distance: 22 km (made half way return)

estimated time:  40 mins, real time: 1 h 30 mins

bike hire: all day $25 (+ $15 for every day after).

x red bike

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