night light, rhodes > bicentennial park after dark

when you buy something, you will buy other somethings to go with that something.  so organically, I’ve become a bike accessory hoarder.

modest collection: 2 bike locks, front and back LED lights, a swedish handmade bell, rayncape, lycra suit, turtle shell bike speakers, a broken outdoor tech speaker bike mount, a pair of broken DIY portable speakers, cyclometer, isotonic energy sports gel.

I haven’t used all of these yet but we were keen for a night ride. it’s a struggle to find well lit off road cycleways so we chose rhodes promenade and bicentennial park for familiarity.

night ride

our front LED lights are moon mask 5 ($40.54 AU), swayed by CHOICE magazine. Our backlights are different, I have the knog blinder ($41.72 AU) and black bike uses the knog skink ($20.85 AU). we purchased these at

all these lights are rechargeable using USB. knogs are a bit over priced. my blinder feels at least 5 times brighter than the skink but because of its intricate design, it’s difficult to press the buttons and they tend to get stuck under the rubber. visibility, it wins over but usability, the skink is easier and feels more durable.

knog blinder

along the promenade it’s wonderful, once you enter the park, it’s a different ball game. pitch black. the moon mask 5 made it rideable and gives out impress light for such a tiny device but it was a struggle to see more than 6 m in front.

we were going to go down the bird watch path but chickened out big time. silverwater prison is just around the bushes. we value life.

the track’s lighting is fragmented and though freeing to ride in darkness until it gets creepy, we craved a longer route – suggestions?


a quick shout out to the handyman boys at blackman’s and papillionaire for all the top service and doing it with loads of charm.

deets (unplanned ride):

company: black bike needed another pair of pants.

actual distance: 9.2 km

x red bike


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