thirroul > wollongong

it was just time to leave sydney city, so we did.

we’re keen to do the sydney to gong ride in november so this was an easy aperitif. we biked from thirroul down the coastline to wollongong, felt the winter breeze, so returned by train.


the ark booty bike rack ($160) and buzz converter bar ($30) were bought from bike barn. took a while to set up and didn’t feel completely stable on the back- quite nerve-racking. it’s a strap on with 3 bike slots.

the bike rack is a pickle to put together. it’s meant fit 3 bikes but with two big-boned cruisers on the back, there is only enough distance in between for a sausage. the rack weights 5.5 kgs with a 45kg load rating.

quick tip is to keep the cylinder foam from the packaging and keep it on the bar of the rack that latches on to the hood because without it, it will most likely leave a scratch.  put the cylinder foam around your pedals too.

red bike is a step through so we added the bar. the seat had to be extended for the bar to only just fit.

they need to start building bike racks that are customised for step through cruisers too, free from the bar. recognise us minority bikes !

red rocks, does not lead to lighthousenote that the stone jetty above doesn’t lead to the lighthouse. it was too grainy for our cruisers to ride on so we pushed them to the end and climbed some huge red rocks. do it, it’s worth it.

don’t be sidetracked by the cute dogs and good-looking walkers, once you’re distracted by the passing pet catalogue you’ll never finish this track. too many dogs.

not far from anywherethe best thing about this track is that you can take breaks anywhere and be guaranteed that it will be gorgeous. mountains tick, water tick, dogs tick.

there was a hilly start but most of the ride is smooth and the path clear. there is a small section on road, though you’ll be on a green cycleway that quickly takes you back to coast.


it did remind me of the botany bay route to cronulla, but this was a refreshing change, far away from the city, you can almost see yourself as a corn kid.

we’ll be back to go from thirroul to kiama.


company: black bike.

estimated distance: 16.5 kms, real distance: 20 km

estimated time:  59 mins, real time: 3 h 30 mins (bummed on staircases and rocks)

x red bike

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