parramatta > huntleys point wharf > taronga zoo

they should really build bike exclusive mesh bridges over parramatta river to keep hazards off the road. it is very likely that i am that hazard.

i love roads, but i confess i’m not familiar with road rules and dynamics. i cross roads like i’m wearing a zebra suit. so, if you are a driver, here is an apology for my recklessness: sorry.

let’s call it truce. and comprise by writing letters to sydney of city to make more cycleways.

this issue is apparent when i ride into the big city, you urban jungle you. we did our usual route to putney then went on further to huntleys cove. huntleys point wharf is cut-the-ribbon brand new. if you’ve got a wharf/ jetty fetish like me, welcome.

huntley cove

i’ve always want to take our bikes on boats. the rivercat/sydney ferries and well, all public transport aren’t bicycle friendly. we need bike boxes in train carriages, bike racks installed on the back of buses and cabs etc.

from huntleys cove we bob to circular quay and changed boats. rivecat

we wanted to cycle in taronga zoo.

you cannot cycle in taronga zoo.

so we cycled from the wharf to the other entrance where the sky line drops you. it’s a steep incline up and smooth curve down. from there, you can see into the zoo and check out the resident peacock who we motivated to stand up and walk away from us.

after, you can take military rd and cross sydney harbour bridge but we were warned against it because we’re not lycra and it’s a volatile road.  and whatever.

bike light do it yourselfi saw this bike in surry hills and it deserves a shout out for ‘diy’.


company: black bike

ferry distance: 22.6km, bike distance: 21. 9 km

estimated time:  2 h 45 mins, real time: 6 h (motivating peacocks, waiting for ferries and food stops)

x red bike


3 thoughts on “parramatta > huntleys point wharf > taronga zoo

  1. You guessed it. But it’s not what you think – It was derived from my love of hot bread! (no sexual innuendo intended).

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