wollongong > lake illawarra > oak flats

after a series of unfortunate bike admin events, we started this track at 3pm.

20 minutes into the ride, we missed the right turn at five islands road and ended up on a creepy brave new world detour.

in this southern utopia of cycleways is an abandoned industrial area. machines were moving, thick smoke cloud merging, noises churning but no souls in the vicinity. it was also some of the lusciously green factories i’ve ever seen (i’ve not seen many). good landscaping to distract you from the eerie fact, where are all the people?

smoke plant

you don’t want to stay in port kembla-h for too long. the ghost stations haven’t seen a train in decades. once back on the main road the rest of the way is a vision.

some lumpy road before the industrial area but the rest is freedom flat.

black bike

we did all the terrains – coastline, huxley’s backyard, grain fields to the lake circuit. when there was less light, the night ride was more therapeutic and enjoyable than the first time we tried.

the moonmask 5 front light paves the way for black bike. it doesn’t sit well on my handle bars or on my basket. the basket blocks the light, if latched on to the wicker, a small bump on the road will make the angle fall downward. i need batman’s signal, not a book light -ideas?

we wanted to flag our destination to be shell harbour but when the night falls, the winter chill and quiet saturday train timetable changed that to oak flats.

lake illawarra, after sunset is so still and quiet. there are lights sprinkled at the base of the mountains and you feel very much inclined to stay forever.

we leave wollongong to kiama for an earlier morning. even though this was just a fun sized bite, we recommended it.

the sun is setting on this little bike story:

sunset over the lake

fin. i just wanted to show you my cool photo.


company: black bike, you are all en-compass-ing.

estimated distance: 21.8km, real distance: 35.6 km

estimated time:  1 h 15 mins, real time: 3 h (climbing corporate ladders for sunset views)

x red bike


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