bmx restoration.

so winter is here and shorter days mean shorter rides.

the obvious solution to this is to buy two secondhand bmx bikes and restore them to their original street cred glory.

do we know how to restore bikes? no. / do we even know how to take a bike apart and put it together again? no. / do i know anything about bmx bikes? no. / do i know anything about real bikes apart from adjusting the seat on my cruiser? no.

but in the digital world of youtube, my dreams will come true.

we scored these from gumtree for 60 AU dollars each. one haro and one mongoose.

they are covered with scratches and the seats are fluffing out. the back brake has been disabled, in it’s place is the backward peddle locking system.

the mongoose


the haro 


do you recognise what models these are? if so, please enlighten me.

black bike and i are yet to choose who gets what, though the haro does rate higher on the bmx hierarchy.

we plan to take them apart. spray paint them. some new tyres. oil them. make new leather seats. add grip handles. some real tlc – just for a winter hobby.

x red bike


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