sydney park > engadine > stuart park, wollongong

when you’re sitting on a train and everyone is starring at you because you know, i know, this whole carriage knows, this bike has no gears. this is the lyrca carraige. the next carriage is the lyrca carriage too.

we get to sydney park and i’ve never seen so many bikes in congregation. in the mirage, i possibly see a fixie amongst all the lyrca.

7 am – it’s a good vibe, everyone is here for a good cause. there is a man wearing a watermelon helmet. he had spent 100 dollars to find the fitted watermelon for his noggin and used the wedges as breast plates. questionable ohs requirements but great fruit art.

cultural capital to you, watermelon guy with watermelon 6 pack.

watermelon guy

quite nervous about riding in a pack because red bike is road hazard. i really should have my ‘l’ plates on. however, there is comfortable distance on the road between you and other riders when you’re first moving in tight lanes. once you hit taren point bridge, the bikes are spread with a butter knife.

sans souci is flat and the hills only start popping up after taren point.

this is black bike going ‘yeah! we totally got it’.


this was the last piece of visual evidence of black bike before the leg lock up. this trooper was being fuelled by 3 kit kats and once we passed san souci, black bike’s thighs locked up.

we did another 10k and decided not to push it because we had a 6 day hike the weekend following. some risk aversion here.

feeling good at the halfway mark, slightly disappointed we didn’t delve into the national park and make the finish line, i’ll be back next year with a vengeance.

giant thanks to all our supporters! we’ll bring home 90k next year.


company: black bike

goal distance: 90 km, real distance: 40.8 km

estimated time:  2 h 14 mins, real time: 2 h 30 mins ( 2 break stops with mechanics on hand for injured bikes )

x red bike


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