gear up girl 2014 olympic park > cronulla > kurnell

5:30 am on sunday. did you know this time existed? this is the hardest and most explorative part of the ride, making your way to the starting line.

the redbike gang are the spartans of the cycleword. fear us and feed us. we don’t have the 300 abs yet but there are 6 abs between us so nearly.

bicycle nsw is expecting over 1000 ladies for their second gear up girl challenge. the $40 entry fee and your 60km cycle goes towards tad disability services.

a lot of lyrca bikes this year, where are all the cruiser folk? it was slow moving crowds in the beginning but better pace starting from cooks river.


the course needs to put in a rest stop at brighton, even though it’s a piece of cake, the sun drinks your sweat.

at 30k, we took an oscar’s selfie and awarded ourselves with the incredible view.

brighton-le-sands is again the best part of this course, right by the coastline, it’s tempting to ride straight into the sea and park your bike onto this paddle board.


after the very narrow taren point bridge comes the crossroads of cornulla (40k) or kurnell (60k).

kurnell is on road and a moderately flat peddle to the coastline. you ride up balboa st and can see the sydney cityscape in between to trees like curtains to a foreign film. though it’s an open area, it’s secluded and you could easily take off your pants and take a dip.

on the last laps, we met our new team mascot, jimmy, the shetland pony. this is how they walk him,  never seen anything like it.

once we got to the finish line, there were manicures and chiropractors. they won’t massage your bum, where the true pains lies but they will put your backbone in place.

also to help our bums, we glided around on elliptigo, an elliptical bike. it hit australian shores only 3 years ago. a hefty price tag over $3000. rubysparks and bikebikebaby rate it.

what is this kooper?

we all got on the train, sleep.

big virtual precious metal medallions to our team: rubysparks flies up hills, crouching tiger hidden dragon, speedy otway minus a knee, bikebikebaby zero sweat and rubab the fruit, an oldschool surprise.


company: ruby sparks, crouching tiger, rubab the fruit, otway and bikebikebaby.

challenge ride course distance: 60kms (3 x last year).

x redbike


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