boom boom bike. speakers attempt 3


so apparently, this is rolling around on the streets of sydney and sadly, my bum is not on it.

intel ran an innovation comp and another girl won. it’s true, i didn’t enter this but i still feel quite rejected as this incredible boom box bike is a better attempt than my homemade bike sound system.

though happy with the tunes quality of my turtleshell, the bike speaker market has changed since my first self made experiment. commercial players like dr. dre and a new update from outdoor tech makes cruisers much more likeable to drivers with their loud street beats.

outdoor tech buckshot 

similar bluetooth hook up to turtleshell. as all products on the site are described, this is ‘rugged’.



79 dollars. boom.

dr. dre the pill

Beats1 this is emily ratajkowski selling the pill. so many metaphors, don’t confuse it with a poem. 


pills, pills, pills. rhymes with bills, bills, bills. how many bills? 50 bucks.

both are strapped on with silicone bands. let me know if you’ve popped any of these two similar looking devices, very different sounds on the move?

x red bike


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