shimanami kaidō, the japan cycleway

this winter, we’re getting out of here to find summer days in japan.

we’ve got our eyes set on the shimanami kaidō (しまなみ海道), a 70k road that connects mainland japan with honshu, the island, shikoku. the foot/bike highway links all 6 islands in between floating on the seto inland sea. open since 1999 (i’m older than this cycleway). 
cycle  map

you can cycle both ways, we’ve decided to go onomichi > imabari (because the general consensus is this way we’re going ‘downhill’, also shikoku is super hard to get to from kyoto). shame!  shikoku is home to the 88 temple pilgrimage if you’re more of a hiker than rider. 

bike highway

though doable in one day, we’ve decided over 2 so we can check out the small island towns and temples. we’re planning to kip half way on setoda, where the locals say is the best place to see the setting sun in the country of the rising sun.

sky to island

we’re going to lock up our luggage at onomichi train station (station will keep for max. 3 days), do day packs and rent a bike. any riders have done the same?

getting back from imabari to onomichi is said to be a 2 bus/2.5 hour journey. this is what we’ve planned though any smoother alternatives are welcome.

the bus back

bridges over the ocean

any tips/recommendations for 2 cruisers, from those that have done the shimanami kaidō is very much appreciated. things from food, accom, to jap translations for ‘please be my friend’ and ‘i’m lost’. 

this is item 1 on the world checklist.

psyched, x red bike


2 thoughts on “shimanami kaidō, the japan cycleway

  1. I’m utterly jealous, biking and Japan..two things I adore. Hope you have the most brilliant time ever and can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!

    Eva x

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