tour de insolit, prince alfred park

if you know there is a little cadel evans in you – there is a great training ground at sydney festival this summer to prep you for the tour de france.

the tour de insolit (parlez francais ‘unusual’) course is located in prince alfred park, parramatta.


there is a spirited commentator and a full crowd of locals so you know how it feels to perform under pressure. this is no private spin class.

the course is a race so choose your opponent and your bike – your classic australian colours, green or gold. the green bike is the outer track so i feel gold has the advantage.

be prepare to take it from 0 to 100 in an avg. of 60 seconds thigh burn (the longest 60s of your life) to win the course.


the little model bikes have magnets on the bottom and travel on the metal lines that make the course. the faster you pedal, the currents from your bike push them faster.  here’s a little demo.

red bike vs. black bike.

conclusion: red bike won, she also won over the people.

x red bike



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