gearing up, girl 2015

red, the colour of chinese new year (happy new year!) and the theme of 2015 gear up girl to support the heart foundation. the costal track is set marking 3 years for this girl gang ride.


the ride is on 8 march and you can peddle 20-40-60k. if keen to join the redbike team, please drop us a note! best way to celebrate summer, check out all the good times from last years ride. we welcome all sorts of wheels.

register now. x redbike


syd cycleways > wentworth park > syd fish markets

today’s venture, rather than adventure, was to find you other sydney riders who peddle for leisure.

so the bike gang headed to the sydney cycleway’s try2wheels event in search of you. they had set up a bike jousting tournament with recycled kids bikes (tassels and the lot) and you are also equipped with a waterproof lance. it’s a pretty fun idea until your feet touch the ground, metaphorically representing a shameful death in which you’ll never marry the princess.

no mercy and to the death.

despite being forever loyal to red bike, we jumped on a couple of tokyo bikes to take for a quick spin around wentworth park, stopping at the sydney fish markets for an oyster break.

tokyo bikes are easy and timeless, sleek strong frames for a smooth steady ride. the price tag will set you back 700 min. but you can hire them for 20 a day.

the other cyclist gave good advice on bike maintenance and i walked away with a handful of new routes for the rest of summer.

x red bike

parramatta > sydney city.

red bike plan to cycle from Parramatta CBD to Sydney Opera House.

google maps blue printed a direct route, many detours were taken. the adjusted google map of our track is above.

detour highlights:

  • newington armoury playground – go at night when all the kids have been tired out.
  • the spiral hill off hill road/john ian wing pd – not as steep as it looks. viewpoint. windy.
  • wharf extension off king street wharf that wraps around to walsh bay. water views with broad pavement. gate closes at 6:30pm.

note that gipps street is very hilly, abundant downhill slopes means eventual ‘hahaha you don’t have gears’ upward crawl.


company: black bike.

estimated road: 24.6ks, real road: 39.1 ks

estimated time: 1h 40 mins, real time: 6 h (lunch @ nth strathfield , a million breaks, exploring newington playground, horrific looks at steep slopes included)

x red bike