gearing up, girl 2015

red, the colour of chinese new year (happy new year!) and the theme of 2015 gear up girl to support the heart foundation. the costal track is set marking 3 years for this girl gang ride.


the ride is on 8 march and you can peddle 20-40-60k. if keen to join the redbike team, please drop us a note! best way to celebrate summer, check out all the good times from last years ride. we welcome all sorts of wheels.

register now. x redbike


strathfield > cooks river > brighton-le-sands > cronulla

how low can we go? cronulla beach is benchmark.

we decided to start afresh at strathfield, closer to cooks river. after a detour, we experienced an entire catalogue of weather. page 1-100: caught in heavy rain, drying off quickly, relentless sun, anemoi’s winds as the weather switched on and off until the end. lucky, we’re weatherproof.

we’ve done the route along cooks river to botany bay before. so this time, the highlight was the sandy pavement between dolls point to the beginning of taren point bridge. the only thing to worry about is being seduced into riding straight into the deep blue water.

true to any postcard, the white masts of george river sailing club claim this coastline. the sand dunes, only a thin barrier between you and every siren in the surrounding waters.

the george river sailing club

take a breath before taren point brigde and the end of bates bay rd. these are some hard inclines for a gear-less bike. go borrow greipel’s thighs.

we took the train back home. there is something quite satisfactory about riding to the end of the line. south sydney, tick.

cronulla beach

we didn’t make it this time but i’ve heard that kurnell is beautiful – is the extra 14k from taren point worthwhile and cruiser accessible ?


company: black bike whose legs got weak around me but toiled on regardless.

estimated road: 32ks, real road: 38.5 ks

estimated time: 2 h 2 mins, real time:  4.5 h ( inc. breaks )

x red bike