tour de insolit, prince alfred park


if you know there is a little cadel evans in you – there is a great training ground at sydney festival this summer to prep you for the tour de france.

the tour de insolit (parlez francais ‘unusual’) course is located in prince alfred park, parramatta.


there is a spirited commentator and a full crowd of locals so you know how it feels to perform under pressure. this is no private spin class.

the course is a race so choose your opponent and your bike – your classic australian colours, green or gold. the green bike is the outer track so i feel gold has the advantage.

be prepare to take it from 0 to 100 in an avg. of 60 seconds thigh burn (the longest 60s of your life) to win the course.


the little model bikes have magnets on the bottom and travel on the metal lines that make the course. the faster you pedal, the currents from your bike push them faster.  here’s a little demo.

red bike vs. black bike.

conclusion: red bike won, she also won over the people.

x red bike



winery > winery, mudgee


it’s summertime and if you’re wanting a weekend getaway out of sydney and into wine country, fuel up for a 4h road trip to mudgee.

now we’re approaching end of year, a therapeutic country cycle from winery to winery was on our agenda. with 40+ cellar doors, you can clean up just on wine tastings alone (remembering drink cycle responsibly – always have a plan b: walking)


we picked up fat wheeled no gear cruisers at peiter van gent winery ($10/h, great port).

you’re on the main road mostly, upside is that it’s very flat. the wineries are all grouped together so hydrate yourself with white/red at lowe, peiter, short sheep, di lusso and robert oatley. di lusso estate is known for their ovens so get a bite there.


the country skyline sure looks different from sydney. blue rolling mountains, never ending rows of vineyards, green and yellow fields spotted with grazing cattle.

flat track is true until you get to the outskirts, our final visit to lowe is on a hill. the track changes to gravel with grooves is like making very rough love.

worth it to get to lowe, they have their own little cycle course in the vineyard with lookouts to all of mudgee.


don’t get drunk, cycle into a vineyard and eat all their grapes like someone on this trip.

if you’re looking for a place to nest in mudgee, can recommend perry st hotel ($250/night) excellent location, fully fledged kitchen and bath salts included.

return distance: 11.6kms                

estimated time: 20 mins                         real time: 3h 30mins (lunch inc.)

x red bike