syd cycleways > wentworth park > syd fish markets

today’s venture, rather than adventure, was to find you other sydney riders who peddle for leisure.

so the bike gang headed to the sydney cycleway’s try2wheels event in search of you. they had set up a bike jousting tournament with recycled kids bikes (tassels and the lot) and you are also equipped with a waterproof lance. it’s a pretty fun idea until your feet touch the ground, metaphorically representing a shameful death in which you’ll never marry the princess.

no mercy and to the death.

despite being forever loyal to red bike, we jumped on a couple of tokyo bikes to take for a quick spin around wentworth park, stopping at the sydney fish markets for an oyster break.

tokyo bikes are easy and timeless, sleek strong frames for a smooth steady ride. the price tag will set you back 700 min. but you can hire them for 20 a day.

the other cyclist gave good advice on bike maintenance and i walked away with a handful of new routes for the rest of summer.

x red bike